Marketing – The Industrial low road in the land of Social Media

Ok, so I am the new one around this social media (SM)neck of the woods, but already in my brief scan of SM sites, you just can’t avoid the word “marketing”.  It has to be one of those words that really pops out in many tag clouds; yes – I have actually learned what this is and it is only day 2!

It makes me think about when I first lived in the city of Atlanta, every street seemed to begin or end with the word PEACH TREE…  Couldn’t anyone think of something a little more creative?

Let me give an example of what I am talking about.  In the article Jump on the social media bandwagon, the author suggests that industrial type firms can benefit from social media, but then fails to take the high road to suggest these “for good not evil” purposes, and slides back into only discussing the marketing benefits.

Surely there is a greater, deeper and richer connection between social media and industry than Ms. Van Wyk’s suggestion of making B2B connections through LinkedIn, right?  How about industrial based collaborative learning communities, R&D technical discussions, or perhaps networks of those interested in a particular industry?

Come forth citizens of social media land…  point me toward the HIGH road beyond SM as marketing.

4 comments on “Marketing – The Industrial low road in the land of Social Media

  1. It certainly would be nice to have some more educational social media sites where users can connect with peers and discuss issues. Or perhaps communities specific to individual fields where colleagues can bounce ideas around. I’m sure someday we’ll get there!

  2. Mihaela says:

    How about you go and discover some? There are many other applications of social media besides marketing.

    Marketing and PR were among the first to jump into social media, because they saw the huge opportunities. So, they dominate and to a large extend defined a lot of social media usage and culture.

    I am not sure I agree with you that marketing is necessarily the low road, but that is an entire conversation altogether.

    • genxrecon says:

      … strike 2 for me the blog newbie…

      My point, albeit an evidently feeble one, was that across several hours of searching social media in terms of what industry might call “practical application”, it seemed there was page after page of writing on the marketing benefits of SM for industry. While clearly opportunities to drive revenue is no small point for industry, I had conceived that much more material had been developed along the lines of other benefits to an organization beyond marketing; hence the reference to the low road, or perhaps put another way… it seemed everyone went for the “low hanging fruit” for where to apply SM in a firm.

      I had anticipated that the channel (or platform depending on who you read) had proliferated itself into far more aspects of value chain for the firm. Perhaps, it is just that the marketing departments have figured out how to get their articles key words to the top of the search; on that count – well done. Alternatively, there are industrial implications for departments such as Human Resources, R&D, and others that seem to (given my limited exposure) be potentially under-explored in terms of how SM might be put to work for the good of the firm. That must not be true, since you mentioned you had an entire semester long class in that academic space. Now you have me wondering, and when I find my first article of evidence related to this expansive view of firm value, I will happily be tweeting all about it. : ]

  3. Mihaela says:

    You may need to look it up under different names. See Enterprise 2.0, Social software. For R&D, see sites such as InnoCentive – where companies crowdsource research.

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