Making the best of both “worlds”

The article CSCW & Enterprise 2.0 – Towards an Integrated Perspective (Kach, 2008) is a reminder that some processes, ways of doing business or thinking about business collaboration etc. considered “old” can really be made valuable again if rather than tossing them aside completely we consider carefully what we have learned from them and bring forward  their beneficial aspects into the “new” processes and practices.

The case that this author makes is that Group Support Systems and CSCW research has advanced our way of thinking about how IT can enable collaborative/group work within the business context; he adds that Social Software is really an extension of that learning, which allows us to take the best of both approaches/systems rather than make a choice of one over the other.

The ah-ha moment in this reading for me, is that having to select one platform/system/process in business over another is really a false choice that has been promoted and actually served no one well.  This way of thinking creates factions of followers and non-followers for the various systems/platforms, and only serves to build walls that make for missed opportunities to leverage the best of all approaches.

Its not about “my system/platform” or “your system/platform”, its about finding the “right system/platform” to do the job – serving the users, clients, customers and business most effectively and efficiently.

2 comments on “Making the best of both “worlds”

  1. hanjunxian says:

    I agree that apps and software nowadays should support multiple platforms/systems, as we also learned that from O’Reilly’s article. As it sounds great for users, this also poses new challenges to developers because many components implemented for one platform may have to be re-worked for another.

  2. Mihaela says:

    It should be that way, except that the IT people don’t always make the decisions that are easiest for the users…

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