About GenXrecon

This blog site is part of a personal journey and research experience into the realm of Social Media, seen through the eyes of  a resistant yet curious GenX’er.  My objective for this blog is to go into this great unknown space called “social media”, and report back in a reconnaissance type fashion to those interested but unwilling to take the leap; hence the handle for the blog – GenXrecon.

According to the U.S. Army (US Army FM 7-92; Chap. 4), reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, or about the meteorologic, hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a particular area.1

The creation of this blog is the first step in the learning and discovery process of the perceived “enemy”, social media.  I intend to share my thoughts, feelings and observations along the way and hopefully create insights into how we can use “the enemy” for good, not evil.
The short-term goal is to learn more about those who naturally prefer to live in the culture of social media, and perhaps even more about others like me who don’t.  The long-term goal is to determine how observations regarding communication/social media norms relate to the industrial workplace and in particular, the domain of engineering.

Come observe, explore and most of all  –  share your thoughts and comment.

You are now officially part of this army of one

1Field Manual (FM) 7–92: The Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon and Squad (Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry)United States Army. 2001. p. 4.0.

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments!

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