This page lists the links to all the blogs I have posted comments to…  since I only comment on the most curious and interesting sites, you might want to take a look and comment too!

25 comments on “Comments

  1. genxrecon says:

    Posted my version of website categories as a reply to Mike’s posting of his categories.

  2. genxrecon says:

    Posted a reply to Fred’s questions regarding the “social” aspect and naming of social media.

  3. genxrecon says:

    Here is a post I made to an article on Linkedin and the “socialization of business”…(Sept. 17, 2011)

  4. genxrecon says:

    Post on Sept 20 to a new conceptual diagram created by a new Twitter connection – Harold Jarche, to help think about how social media drives innovation.

  5. genxrecon says:

    Posted a comment 9/16/2011 to a blog that shared the reading interests of Linkedin people on the week of 9/11/2011. I thought it sent a message about social media in business, but larger message about what we DON’T think about in business… This blog didn’t seem to have a trackback for comments, but I am the first comment after the blog post.

  6. genxrecon says:

    Post 9/23/2011 to a blog about the introduction of social media into “difficult businesses”…;1_103471_2044473

  7. genxrecon says:

    Post 9/29/2011 to Jane Hart’s blog -4th part in a series regarding valuable resources for social learning and SM…

  8. genxrecon says:

    Post to Mashable: Missouri Repeals Law Banning Teacher-Student Facebook Friendship
    Posted on October 23, 2011

  9. genxrecon says:

    Posted a comment 10/29/11 to a Quality Management blogger that came through a Linked in discussion thread.

    • genxrecon says:

      Here is the post… I just realized I posted it Anonymous…
      Anonymous said…
      First, thanks for the post; your delineation between QC and QA is helpful and a good reminder of the differences. Alternatively, I would not necessarily agree that most QC/QA folks only have a “vague understanding”, in fact I would argue the contrary. I feel most working in this domain clearly understand the difference between the tactical tasks of QC, and the forward leanings of QA. Often the issue is with the management that leads them. As an Indst. Engr and prior plant manager, the worst plants I ever walked into were not operating poorly because of their QC/QA teams incompetence or lack of professional vision, but because of their management leadership teams did not understand how to empower and unleash their role to its highest potential. Thanks for reminding me of this; hopefully this post will strike a chord with others.
      October 29, 2011 8:12 AM

  10. genxrecon says:

    10/30/2011 Posted a quick comment to Chris C’s amazing photo posting on G+

  11. genxrecon says:

    11/2/2011 Link to my post regarding use of Ent2.0 in the construction industry.

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